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We Can Restore Your Smile With A Lifelike Crown Or Bridge

We Can Restore Your Smile With A Lifelike Crown Or Bridge

When a person experiences oral health problems, they can feel embarrassed, and worry about the future of their smile. At our Kansas City, MO dental practice, we understand the importance of dental work that can preserve the way someone looks. If you visit our practice for treatment, we can perform treatment with lifelike restorations. If you need work done on a tooth affected by damage or decay, we use CEREC technology to produce one-visit crowns that match the look of your tooth structure. For patients in need of a replacement tooth, we can place a dental bridge that is stable and attractive. The bridge also provides functional support, so you can avoid problems with biting and chewing!

Restoring Or Replacing A Problem Tooth

When a problem affects your oral health, the matter can progressively worsen until you receive treatment. Our enamel is limited in its ability to recover from erosion, but a cavity occurs, the problem is not something that will go away on its own. Injuries create a similar problem – your tooth can stay in poor condition, and face risks from an internal infection, until you receive care. We are able to carefully examine a person’s tooth to discuss the appropriate restorative treatment. If you have a tooth that is already lost, or one that cannot be saved, we can plan treatment to restore your smile!

What To Expect From Your CEREC Dental Crown

The same-day dental crowns provided at our practice can make dental care more convenient for patients. We have all of the technology needed to digitally measure your tooth, design your custom crown, and have it produced at our office. Once the restoration is available, your dentist will put it in place to keep your tooth safe. Crowns protect teeth from future trauma and infection, while also providing functional support. In addition to restoring unhealthy teeth, we can replace an old, uncomfortable restoration with an attractive modern crown!

Replacing A Tooth With A Custom Dental Bridge

Custom dental bridges rely on a pair of dental crowns to hold your pontic (the replacement tooth) in its proper place. The support provided by these crowns actually allows you to enjoy a stable restoration without oral surgery. Your dental bridge will boast a design that closely matches the look of your natural teeth, so its presence offers cosmetic benefits. We can also discuss the placement of a bridge held in place with a dental implant. An implant secures a restoration to your jawbone, and can create stimulation in the bone that helps it stay healthy over time.

Talk To Delightful Dental Care About Receiving A Lifelike Dental Crown Or Bridge

At Delightful Dental Care, we provide modern, smile-friendly restorative work to our patients. If you have questions about our treatment options, or if you are concerned about your oral health, let us know! You can contact our Kansas City, MO dental practice by calling 816-942-7669.

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