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Have You Been Ignoring Signs Of Nightly Teeth Grinding?

Have You Been Ignoring Signs Of Nightly Teeth Grinding?

Some people struggle to start their day in good spirits. A degree of drowsiness upon waking can be normal, even if it can make starting your day more difficult. What is not normal is waking up with pain in your face and neck, or experiencing sore or sensitive teeth at the start of your day. These are problems that suggest a person has trouble with bruxism, or nightly teeth grinding. If you think you might be grinding your teeth while you sleep, make sure you bring it up at our St. Louis, MO dental practice! At our office, we can provide you with a custom oral appliance that stops teeth grinding from causing you discomfort, and potentially damaging your teeth!

Untreated Problems With Teeth Grinding Can Lead To Dental Damage

How bad can untreated bruxism really become? We have the ability to apply significant force when we bite down. As strong as our teeth might be, consistent pressure from nightly grinding and clenching can affect them. You can start to see signs of wear and tear on teeth, which can hurt your appearance overall. In addition to this general wear and tear, you can struggle with pain in your jaw, your head, and your face that can last throughout the day, and interfere with your ability to bite and speak comfortably. Eventually, a person who continues to grind their teeth can hurt their teeth by chipping and cracking them. At this stage, restorative dental work can be required to address the damage.

Wearing A Custom Night Guard To Address Bruxism

At our practice, we have technology that allows us to craft durable and comfortable night guards for our patients. While stores sometimes offer generic guards, your custom guard can supply you with a dependable fit, and remain in place easily while you sleep. This appliance is designed to keep teeth safe over the course of your night, so you no longer have to worry about harming your enamel.

Scheduling Care For Teeth Affected By Bruxism

If you already have problems with your teeth because of bruxism, we are ready to help! At our family dental office, we are able to arrange cosmetic dental work to hide the effects that wear and tear might have had on your smile. With the right procedure, you can show off a smile that appears younger and healthier! If the damage to certain teeth is too serious for cosmetic work, we have technology that allows us to place lifelike dental crowns in just one day.

Discuss Treatment For Nightly Teeth Grinding At Delightful Dental Care

At Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, patients who are struggling with teeth grinding can count on us to protect their teeth, and address any damage that has already occurred. To find out more, call Delightful Dental Care at 816-942-7669.

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