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Trust A Custom Guard To Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

Trust A Custom Guard To Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

When you have a tendency to grind your teeth while you sleep, your teeth are at risk for potentially significant damage. You should talk to a professional if this problem, known as bruxism, is affecting you. At our Kansas City, MO dental practice, we provide custom night guards for people who struggle with this issue. Wearing an appliance designed for your smile can be a comfortable answer to problems with habitual teeth grinding. In addition to feeling more secure than a generic alternative, your custom appliance can give you more support throughout the night. Without protection, your teeth can become cracked or chipped badly enough to require the placement of dental crowns.

Bruxism Can Become A Serious Threat For Your Smile

A person who regularly grinds their teeth at night can experience discomfort each morning. This is partly because of the friction they have placed on their teeth, but also because of the stress grinding can place on a person’s jaw. Pain and sensitivity can be motivation enough to seek help, but you should be aware that bruxism can lead to dental damage! Restorative dental work may be needed because of grinding damage. Even if the harm you experience is superficial, you may wish to have cosmetic dental work done to address changes to your smile.

The Benefits To Receiving Support From A Custom Guard

By choosing a custom night guard from your dentist over a generic appliance, you can be sure your teeth enjoy great protection. With its careful design, your guard can stay secure while you sleep. Before designing your appliance, we take advanced 3D measurements of your bite. With these measurements, we can be sure that your guard is comfortable, and fully supportive!

Have Your Teeth Already Experienced Damage Because Of Bruxism?

We are ready to help you if you already have dental damage from bruxism! Our first concern will be to check on the condition of your teeth. If you have teeth that require protection, we can produce same-day crowns to restore them. If the problem affects your appearance, but not your oral health, cosmetic dental work can be provided. Cosmetic care can be more conservative, and leave more of your healthy tooth structure intact. By performing bonding and contouring work on teeth affected by wear and tear, we can have your smile improved in as little as one appointment!

You Can Receive A Custom Night Guard From Delightful Dental Care!

Delightful Dental Care wants patients to recognize the harm that teeth grinding can do to your smile. We can design a custom night guard for protection, and also take care of any teeth that have already suffered harm because of bruxism. If you would like to learn more, or if you want to make an appointment, you can reach Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO today at 816-942-7669.

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