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3 Reasons To Be Consistent With Preventive Dental Visits

3 Reasons To Be Consistent With Preventive Dental Visits

With regular preventive dental appointments scheduled, you can receive consistent feedback about your oral health. These ongoing updates can help you improve your at-home care, as your dentist can counsel you about your current oral health habits. An appointment can also lead to the discovery of a problem that calls for restorative dental work, even if the problem has yet to cause uncomfortable symptoms. If you want to stay on top of your smile needs, make sure you are visiting Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO for regular dental checkups!

1. Each Preventive Appointment Includes A Professional Teeth Cleaning

Every professional teeth cleaning at our practice helps you by removing harmful plaque and tartar deposits. You can remove plaque by brushing and flossing, but you may be missing deposits that are hard to reach. When those deposits remain in place, they can eventually harden to tartar. You can prevent tartar from forming, but once it is present, the substance will remain despite your best efforts to brush and floss. This makes tartar removal particularly important – without your professional cleaning, you can suffer continued damage to your tooth structure!

2. Your Regular Exams Can Lead To The Discovery Of Oral Health Issues

Hopefully, you will leave your visit with Dr. Tabakh feeling great about your smile, and your oral health. With that said, people sometimes arrive feeling certain that their teeth are in great shape, only to find out they have a tooth in need of cavity treatment. This might be frustrating, but remember that cavities will continue to grow on their own. If you miss a checkup, that cavity can grow worse, and require more involved treatment.

3. You Can Address Different Health Concerns With Your Dentist

Dr. Tabakh is ready to help you take on more than just tooth decay! You might not realize it, but your dental checkup can be a good time to discuss issues with troubled sleep, or snoring. These issues are signs of sleep apnea, something we can help you manage. Without regular dental exams, you lose opportunities to discover how much good our practice can do for your overall well-being!

Delightful Dental Care Can Provide Important Care At Every Preventive Appointment

Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO is proud to make consistent, quality dental care available to families in and around our community! If you want to make sure your smile is in great shape, if you are new to the area and want to enjoy great oral health support, or if you have fallen out of the habit of regular dental care, we are ready to help you. To find out more, please contact Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO by calling 816-942-7669.

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