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We Can Provide Patients With Same-Day Crowns!

We Can Provide Patients With Same-Day Crowns!

Dental crowns are used to help people in many different circumstances. These restorations are often used in the treatment of cavities, in cases where a cavity is too large to make the tooth fixable with a dental filling. Crowns are also effective when you have problems with dental injuries, or a tooth that is naturally flawed in a way that impacts how well you can bite and chew. Your Kansas City, MO dentist can provide you with a restoration that is attractive and convenient, as modern technology is on hand to produce same-day dental crowns

Restoring Your Problem Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

A same-day dental crown offers the key advantages a patient could ask for from their restoration. Your dentist constructs your crown to fit your specific tooth, which can ensure that it is comfortable and secure. The material used to construct it can closely match the look of your enamel, so its presence does not alter your smile. Once it is placed, your crown can absorb pressures from biting and chewing, which means you can continue to practice your normal dental function.

Other Restorative Services Your Dentist Can Provide You

Restorative dental work focuses on fully addressing a problem that threatens your tooth, and your overall oral health. If a cavity causes you to suffer internal issues, your dentist can talk to you about arranging a root canal treatment, which protects you against the considerable harm bacteria can do to your tooth when they gather within it. You can also count on restorations to replace teeth that you have lost – a custom dental bridge can take up a gap in your smile, and imitate the tooth (or teeth) that you have lost.

Keep Up With Your Oral Health, And Avoid Problems That Call For Restorations

Sure, it can be nice to know that your dentist has same-day crowns available. With that said, your ideal oral health care experience should be one that does not require work that permanently alters a tooth. When you keep up with regular dental visits, and take the time each day to properly clean your teeth, you can see to it that your smile remains cavity-free! Your care should also focus on maintaining the health of your gums, so you can avoid potentially serious periodontal problems.

Receiving A Same-Day Crown At Delightful Dental!

At Delightful Dental, patients can look forward to a convenient, custom-made dental crown. In addition to protecting your tooth, your crown can imitate it, and allow you to maintain the way you look. Our practice is excited to offer a range of restorative, cosmetic, and preventive services to the Kansas City, MO community, and all surrounding areas. To find out more, please contact Delightful Dental at 816-942-7669.

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