cerec-omnicamCEREC® is one of the most significant advances in dentistry in recent years. CEREC has the ability to create custom designed crowns and onlays in a single visit. Since CEREC® allows Dr. Diana Tabakh to craft most dental restorations here in our office, you will not have to wait weeks before the final placement.

With CEREC® technology, patients at Delightful Dental Care can now benefit from fewer injections, reduced dental visits, and less drilling. Once your tooth has been prepared for the restoration, an image of it will be taken with a special camera. This image will be used to design the new restoration, and the resulting data will be fed into the CEREC® machine here at our practice. The new restoration will be precisely molded from a high-quality block of ceramic, and it will be color-matched to your surrounding teeth for the most natural-looking results. CEREC® same-day restorations can give you a strong, beautiful new tooth without the inconvenience of having them created at an outside lab.