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Restore A Broken Tooth With A Dental Crown

Restore A Broken Tooth With A Dental Crown

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If you have recently cracked or broken one of your teeth, take the time to speak with a dentist about repair as soon as you safely can. While you wait to seek restorative treatment for your injury, bacteria can find their way into the inner portion of your tooth. When this happens, you can experience a nasty toothache that requires a root canal treatment to correct.

At our dental office in Kansas City, MO, you can renew your smile after experiencing a broken or cracked tooth with a dental crown. This is a restorative procedure that uses a durable cap to cover your injured material, providing you with a functional new chewing surface that is designed to last. In addition to its strength, a dental crown can match your existing enamel so that nobody else has to know that you had treatment. Talk to us about all of your options in repair at your appointment and restore your smile after breaking or cracking a tooth!

Talk To Your Provider About A Dental Crown If You Have Broken A Tooth

When you damage one of your natural teeth, it is important to seek restorative treatment quickly for your condition. Your enamel provides durable protection for your dentistry, and you may have lost that barrier due to injury. If the underlying dentin is exposed, you could be at risk of developing an internal tooth infection. This can happen because dentin is softer and more porous than your enamel, which allows bacteria to move freely through it.

An infection within the pulp of your tooth can lead to serious complications, starting with a toothache that can be debilitating. Talk to your dentist if you start to notice pain or discomfort, as you may require a root canal treatment. Seeking treatment quickly after experiencing an injury can help you to prevent infection to start!

Renew Your Bite Function And Protect Your Smile With A Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a tested method of repair that is a staple within the world of restorative dentistry. This technique uses a custom cap that your oral health provider permanently attaches to your natural tooth material. You have options in the material used in your new dental crown, so be sure to talk with your dentist about which one is best for your specific situation. We even have choices that match your natural enamel!

Talk To Delightful Dental Care About A Dental Crown Solution

If you have recently cracked or broken a tooth, talk to our team of dental professionals about whether a dental crown is right for you. For more information on the process, or to schedule an appointment for an examination, give us a call at Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO at (816)942-7669!

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