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A New Crown After Your Root Canal

A New Crown After Your Root Canal

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When you have an infection that has begun to take hold within your tooth, you can experience a debilitating toothache. If you are currently struggling with pain or discomfort in your smile, take the time to speak with a team of devoted dental care professionals in Kansas City. If bacteria have started to overtake the soft tissue inside your tooth, you may require a root canal treatment to save this part of your smile.

At our office on State Line Road, we can help you to free yourself of your troublesome toothache with a root canal. After this procedure, you will need some assistance in regaining the stability that your natural enamel previously provided. We proudly offer you a range of beautiful dental crowns to give you back the ability to chew and speak with less worry. For more information on how this process can help you, reach out to a valued member of our team, and start your path toward better oral health!

Root Canals Aim To Save Your Tooth From Pain And Infection

If you are starting to experience discomfort in an area of your mouth, it is a sign that you should speak with a dentist as soon as possible. This may be a symptom of internal tooth infection, which places you at considerable risk of further harm. When this occurs, a root canal treatment procedure is there to help you combat the situation.

This method of treatment includes the removal of the collection of soft tissue known as pulp, freeing you of the initial concern. Afterward, your dentist will need to seal the connections to your jaw shut with a plant-based putty called gutta-percha. By doing this, your provider blocks the movement of microorganisms and prevents the reinfection of the tooth. A root canal could be the solution for you, so talk with your provider about your pain and discomfort!

Regaining Stability After Your Root Canal With A Dental Crown

When you undergo a root canal treatment, it requires the removal of a significant portion of your natural tooth. This area can become infected or further damaged, as the underlying dentin is not as strong as your enamel.

In order to keep the location secure, you will need a dental crown. This is a durable cap that your provider will cement atop your injured tooth, allowing you to function normally. We have options in the material of your new crown, so be sure to talk with us about which solution fits your needs best.

Speak With Our Team In Kansas City About A Root Canal Treatment

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort within one or more of your natural teeth? If so, call us at Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO at (816)942-7669, and discuss whether a root canal is right for you!

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