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Restorative Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Restorative Benefits Of Dental Crowns

In our most recent blog, we detailed the dental decay process and discussed why it was so important to seek restorative treatment sooner rather than later. Indeed, the first course of action for tooth decay often includes a dental filling, which aims to remove the infection and fill the small cavity created with a composite resin material. In some cases, however, the infection has spread significantly to the point that a filling is no longer viable. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO dentist looks into the added benefits of utilizing a dental crown restoration and discusses the versatile benefits of crown technology.

Preventing Infection From Spreading

When it comes down to it, the last thing a person would want to experience is the loss of one or more of their natural teeth. The unfortunate reality is, however, that leaving dental decay untreated will result in exactly that. You see, tooth decay begins with oral bacteria feeding off of sugars and producing a destructive acid that breaks down your natural tooth’s structure.

In many cases, patients do not seek treatment until the issue makes itself known. While, in theory, this sounds like timely action, by the time you begin to experience noticeable sensitivity, discomfort, or pain, the infection has already spread to the inner portions of your tooth.

Restorative dentistry is an essential backup plan when issues such as these arise, because it aims to mitigate the spread of infection and promote proper healing. One such option that is highly renowned for its versatility includes dental crowns, which consist of hollow caps designed to fit snugly on a tooth and prevent infection from spreading to neighboring structures. Contact our team today to learn more about this process.

Providing Structural Support

In addition to keeping your tooth safe from bacteria and preventing an already-established infection from spreading, a dental crown can be used to help provide structural support. As we mentioned previously, decay that has reached your sensitive nerves can cause you to experience anything from sensitivity to pain and discomfort. When this occurs, performing routine tasks such as biting, chewing, and eating can become much more of a chore than they have to be.

With the help of a dental crown, the restoration itself is sturdy enough to help absorb the pressure of your bite without faltering, thus allowing you to perform routine tasks as normal. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Promoting Adequate Healing

Finally, but certainly not least, a dental crown can be used to help promote adequate healing following a more-involved procedure. For instance, a root canal treatment is often completed with a dental crown, as it can protect the structure as it is healing.

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