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Sugarless Gum Can Benefit Oral Health

Sugarless Gum Can Benefit Oral Health

Female medical doctor - dentist - showing chewing gum. Dental care conceptIt goes without saying that your smile is constantly fending off threats to your oral health, and without the help of consistent dental prevention, it would not be able to put up much of a fight. Indeed, gum disease, tooth decay, and various other concerns are considered common, meaning many individuals experience them every year. Other non-common issues that arise can also lead to even bigger complications, and waiting too long for treatment can make any concern appear daunting. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO dentist provides some insight into practices that actually benefit your oral health, including chewing sugarless gum.

A Duty to Prevention

In this day and time, there are so many factors that can negatively influence your smile that they cannot be counted on two hands – or several, for that matter. Since your only natural defense against these threats is your protective layer of dental enamel surrounding your teeth, this means that significant effort must be put in to your preventive routine.

Indeed, preventive dentistry is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your smile healthy and strong, and it consists of any practice that aims to prevent infection from occurring while strengthening your grin protection.

There are several additional practices you can engage in to provide an extra boost of strength, and some you may be doing already! In particular, chewing sugarless gum can help promote saliva production and self-cleaning. Further, gum often contains certain minerals or factors that contribute to stronger enamel, so it is a win-win situation! For more information about this process, give our team a call today.

Promoting Saliva Production

While you may not initially recognize it, your saliva actually serves a few important roles. In addition to breaking down food and making it more digestible, saliva can help remove lodged food particles that may have gotten wedged between teeth during a meal.

In addition to removing debris, saliva also neutralizes acids that are produced by bacteria in the mouth, thus helping you fight against tooth decay and cavities. Finally, increased saliva flow means more calcium and phosphate, minerals essential in enamel strength. Contact our team today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

Avoiding Sugars

By now, you are likely aware of the ways sugar harms your smile. Not only do they cause bacteria to produce destructive acids, but they actively play a role in the decay process. This is why it is important to avoid gum choices with sugar, and pursue ADA approved sugarless options. Make sure to look for the ADA seal on the package the next time you pick up a pack.

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