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Clear Aligners And Smile Improvement

Clear Aligners And Smile Improvement

What path should you take if you want to show off a straighter and more attractive smile? Traditional metal braces can help with different degrees of malocclusion and produce welcome improvements. However, you may be reluctant to look at this treatment option because you worry about their effect on your appearance and daily life during treatment. There is another solution that can take on problems with teeth spacing. With clear aligners, you can discreetly fix problems with the way your teeth are aligned. Our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office can discuss this option for care with you. Once approved, you can begin a discreet orthodontic procedure to improve your smile!

Are You Tired Of Letting Poorly Aligned Teeth Rob You Of Confidence In Your Smile?

Are you bothered by the way gaps and overlaps between your teeth hurt your smile? Spacing issues can be a lifelong concern, but for some individuals, shifting later in life leads to more recent concerns. Our practice can help by providing treatment with clear aligners. Your appliances will move teeth that are not in the right positions. The gradual adjustments deliver long-term improvements for your smile. Your results also help you by improving your oral health!

Making Plans To Begin Treatment With Clear Aligners

You will receive a set of custom-made clear appliances at the start of your adjustment. Each one is personally designed with your treatment in mind. As you move from one to the next, you will see steady improvements; your smile will look more symmetrical, and you will gradually fix gaps and overlaps between your teeth. Your appliances make orthodontic work easier in several ways. They are hard for others to see, so they can easily go unnoticed when you wear them. Whenever you need to eat or clean your teeth, you can easily take them out.

Discussing Other Cosmetic Services Available To You

We provide several treatment options to patients who want to make changes to how they look. With multiple treatment approaches, we can make cosmetic dentistry more accessible, as we can provide services that take on different concerns, and we can provide options that minimize changes to your tooth structure. For example, we can recommend tooth bonding and contouring work to someone who wants to fix specific flaws in a short time, and with fewer changes to their enamel. We can also recommend porcelain veneers for individuals who want to make significant changes that they can have an easy time preserving.

Talk To Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Treatment With Clear Aligners!

With your custom clear aligners, you can take on frustrating problems with your appearance and improve your oral health, and you can do so without having to wear conspicuous metal braces. To find out more about this smile-friendly orthodontic service, please call Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO at 816-942-7669!

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