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Completing Smile Care With A Same-Day Crown

Completing Smile Care With A Same-Day Crown

The work of restoring a person’s smile is important. Whether you have a small cavity identified at a checkup or a serious physical injury, treatment should provide cosmetic as well as functional support. Our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office is ready to help when you need to arrange restorative dental work. Patients of Dr. Tabakh’s can actually enjoy a more convenient approach to smile care thanks to our CEREC dental crowns, which provide these restorations in just one appointment! Reducing the time it takes to restore a tooth means you can have your smile completely cared for in less time. It also removes the need to ask you to depend on a temporary crown while you permanent one is designed.

The Importance Of Receiving The Right Restoration

In a situation where a patient needs restorative dental work, we take care to determine how we can fully protect their tooth. Both dental fillings and dental crowns are used in cavity treatments. Dental fillings provide more conservative treatments. Their placement only affects the decayed area. As a result, we can leave the healthy surrounding enamel unchanged. With a dental crown, we will completely cover your tooth above your gum line. We need to use crowns when too much damage affects the tooth structure, which makes fillings ineffective. The good news is that because we use crowns made in our office, you can leave treatment with your tooth fully protected after just one visit!

Planning Your Treatment With A CEREC Dental Crown

CEREC crowns are designed and placed in our office. To make sure your restoration is right for you, we will take digital measurements of your tooth, which we then use to design the restoration you will receive. That design is produced with an in-office milling machine, which delivers a durable crown made from a lifelike ceramic. At this point, we will put your crown in place and confirm that it is secure!

More Services That Restore Damaged And Unhealthy Teeth

When you keep up with smile care, you can learn about cavities before they are so serious that they require crowns. While fillings still address permanent damage, they only cover limited areas and require less preparatory work. For dental injuries, we can sometimes perform cosmetic dental work to cover flaws. Through bonding and contouring work, we can hide problems with chips and cracks without the need to place permanent restorations.

Talk To Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Treatment With A Same-Day Dental Crown!

When you receive your same-day dental crown, you can walk away from treatment with confidence in both your smile and oral health! Our practice is here to help whenever you have an issue with your dental health, but remember that we are also here to help you prevent problems through consistent preventive services. If you would like to find out more, call Delightful Dental Care at 816-942-7669.

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