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Your Dental Sensitivity May Be A Symptom Of Bruxism

Your Dental Sensitivity May Be A Symptom Of Bruxism

When you go to sleep at night, you might be putting your smile at risk for damage! A person who struggles with bruxism can continue to grind their teeth while they rest, and that pressure can lead to wear and tear. Eventually, the continued stress on your enamel can lead to significant chips and cracks! At our Kansas City, MO dental office, we can provide you with a custom night guard to keep your smile safe while you are sleeping. With this custom appliance in place, you are able to keep your teeth apart, and avoid the kind of dental trauma that can call for restorative dental work.

Different Issues That Nightly Teeth Grinding Can Cause

Nightly teeth grinding can create unpleasant symptoms that are ready to greet you each morning, and may last throughout your day. You can awaken with sore or sensitive teeth, and find it difficult to move your jaw. People who have untreated issues with bruxism can also experience painful headaches, and difficulties with biting. Of course, you will also face issues with dental damage. The pressure from grinding each night can wear teeth down, and eventually lead to issues with chips and cracks in your enamel.

Wearing A Custom Appliance To Protect Your Smile While You Sleep

In order to help you prevent oral health issues, we can use 3D imaging technology to carefully study your teeth, and develop a custom appliance that allows you to keep your smile safe while resting. Our family dental practice understands the importance of providing a precise fit, as this can affect the comfort you feel while wearing your appliance. Your night guard can keep your teeth apart while you sleep, so there is no longer any concern about painful symptoms or dental damage.

Have Your Teeth Been Damaged By Grinding? Dental Crowns Can Help

If your teeth have already started to show some negative effects from teeth grinding, the appropriate restorative dental work can help. Our office provides same-day dental crowns, which can be placed over your teeth without a frustrating delay. With these crowns, we can make sure that your vulnerable teeth have functional support, are protected against infection, and even help you preserve your smile! For relatively minor changes to your dental structure, we can discuss cosmetic dental care.

Talk To Delightful Dental Care About Your Bruxism Concerns!

At Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, we are prepared to help our patients who struggle with bruxism! Visit us to learn how a custom-made night guard can keep your smile safe from harm, and put a stop to the ongoing concerns you have with teeth grinding. For more information, you can reach Delightful Dental Care by calling 816-942-7669!

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