Dr. Diana Tabakh

Hailing from Moscow, Russia, Dr. Diana Tabakh has served as a dental force to be reckoned with for more than three decades. She takes a global approach to dental health having D.D.S. degrees from Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute and University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Dentistry. Upon completing both dental programs at the top of her class, she served as a Dental Associate until starting her own dental practice here in south Kansas City in 1999.

Helping people is at the heart of everything Dr. Tabakh does, from providing the highest level of dental care for her family of patients, to being a renaissance mother of four children, devoted wife, thoughtful daughter, altruistic aunt, trustworthy sister, and compassionate friend to many.

Aside from indulging her passion for dentistry, Dr. Tabakh adores a plethora of hobbies such as nurturing a lush garden, playing guitar, and crafting the intricate jewelry you can find proudly displayed in our waiting room. She shares her home with a frenzy of adopted furry friends (four dogs, one feline, and a rabbit). Cultivating her admiration of culture, Dr. Tabakh and her husband of more than 34 years often invite world-renowned Russian musicians to perform in their South Leawood home. She frequently volunteers as a translator for newly adopted Russian youth and often raises money for various charities with her children.

Dr. Edward Shamieh

Dr. Edward Shamieh’s route to Delightful Dental Care via the Bay Area by way of New York and Boston have allowed him to distill dental mastery from coast to coast. After strengthening his knowledge at Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine, Dr. Shamieh embarked on a dynamically multi-faceted career encompassing four years as a general dentist in the Air Force. He thrives at the intersection of compassion and technology with dynamic expertise in same day Cerec crowns, in-house root canals, and state of the art Invisalign, among other treatments.

Outside of the office, Dr. Shamieh values time with his three-year-old daughter Mayli Cari-Jo, Havanese Gogo, and wife Yiou Guo who will be attending dental school at UMKC this fall. He dabbles in a diverse array of hobbies from biking and growing orchids to hand crafting pottery.




As a Midwesterner at heart, Teresa started her career in Duluth, Minnesota upon earning her Associates of Science and Dental Hygiene degrees from Lake Superior College. After securing the highly sought after Student of the Year merit in her Dental Hygiene program, Teresa worked for a Periodontist in Edina, Minnesota for one year. She soon became a City of Fountains transplant. Here, Teresa has been able to perfect her dental expertise since 2001. Not only has she taught at the University of Missouri, Kansas City’s Dental Hygiene School, but Teresa is also certified in laser treatment, infiltration/block, anesthesia, and CPR. Outside of the office Teresa is an avid animal lover as a mother to three dogs and a cat. Additionally she is a jet ski enthusiast, a fine fisherman and prides herself on maintaining a neatly manicured yard.