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Improving Your Smile With Lifelike Restorations

Improving Your Smile With Lifelike Restorations

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When you have chipped or cracked a tooth, or if you have an aching tooth that needs attention, you may benefit from a restoration. With restorative dentistry, we can offer repairs that are strong, durable, and of course, natural in appearance. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about our approach to restorative dentistry, and how we can use lifelike crowns, fillings, and bridges to offer a full and beautiful smile again, and one free of discomfort too.

When Your Smile Needs Treatment

When should you contact our team for restorative dentistry? We could use custom dental restorations to address damaged teeth, treating dental emergencies like cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Our team can also treat cavities and infections that arise in our smile, saving the tooth from being lost and preventing misalignment. We can even offer treatment for missing teeth, securing dental prosthetics that replace one or more missing teeth and provide a full smile again. To choose the most appropriate treatment option our team will take a close look at your smile, planning treatment with advanced digital x-rays and intraoral cameras.

Dental Fillings

When you have a cavity, we can often use restorative dentistry to repair the issue in only one visit! With a dental filling, our team will provide a metal-free composite resin that we shade to blend with the tooth. We apply this in multiple layers and sculpt the tooth as the composite resin cures beneath a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a brighter appearance. We can also use the same material in our dental bonding procedures, which allows us to repair minor damage and mask common cosmetic imperfections in only one visit.

Same-Day Dental Crowns

If you have a cavity or infection too severe for a filling to address, or damage beyond treatment with dental bonding, we can offer dental crowns. The restoration fits over the visible portion of your tooth, and is designed to not only restore your smile but also look natural. With CEREC technology, our team can offer restoration that looks natural and only takes one visit to complete and place. We start by numbing the tooth and removing structure from it, so we can take detailed digital images and impressions to design the restoration. In the same visit, we upload the information into an onsite milling machine, which creates crowns from a solid block of ceramic. The crown is shaded to blend with your smile and packed into the same visit, so you leave with a fully restored smile!

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth is infected, we may need to treat the interior of the tooth to offer relief and prevent the spread of infection or the loss of the tooth. With root canal therapy, our team will numb the tooth in question and then open it to remove the tissue from within. We then clean the interior of the tooth and the root canals, before we add a special restorative filling. Finally, we cap the tooth with our custom same-day dental crowns! Our team can use this to save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction. If you have pain in your tooth that doesn’t subside, or swelling, pain when eating, or a discharge from the tooth, let us know right away.

Dental Bridges

Restorative dentistry can also be used to aid in the replacement of more or more missing teeth. For minor tooth loss, such as one to three missing teeth in a row, our team could create a dental bridge. The prosthetic contains new teeth with crowns on one or both ends, and the crowns are placed onto the abutment teeth, the teeth on each side of the gap. This ceramic prosthetic is custom-made and shaded to ensure a lifelike appearance, a balanced bite, and better bite function too. We can also secure them with one or more implants, which mean they last longer and that the abutment teeth don’t lose structure. If you have more advanced cases of tooth loss, our team could offer full or partial dentures, or talk about implant dentistry.

If you have any questions about restorative dentistry, or about addressing damaged or aching teeth, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to offer a healthy, functional, and attractive smile, even if you have more advanced issues like tooth loss.


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