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Experience A Better Night Of Sleep

Experience A Better Night Of Sleep

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When you do not receive a full night of peaceful rest, you can feel it in the morning, so trouble sleeping can take a significant toll on your day. There are two common kinds of sleep disorders that center around oral health, and both of these can impact your daily life. One of these is related to the structures of the throat, and the other can affect the appearance and safety of your smile. If you are currently struggling with your sleep, speak with an oral health caregiver about your options in treatment.

Appliance-based therapy allows you to care for your condition without the use of noisy machines or inconvenient surgery, so there is an option available to you at Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO. For patients with chronic obstructive sleep apnea, oral appliances help by moving the jaw forward, which prevents the tissue of the throat from contact. This approach is helpful for many in the treatment of this condition. Comfortable night guards can also be a form of preventive care for those who struggle with overnight teeth grinding, so bring up all of your needs with your dentist!

Free Your Airway With A Change In Your Jaw Position

If you experience chronic obstructive sleep apnea, you understand how much your condition can affect your daily life. We all require an adequate amount of quality rest each night, so that our bodies can recharge for the next day. If your sleep is constantly interrupted by your inability to draw a complete breath, it may be hard for you to wake up in the morning. More seriously, this condition contributes to hypertension, which elevates your risk of heart attack and stroke.

An oral appliance helps you with the simple repositioning of your jaw while you rest, keeping your airway free from obstruction throughout the night. Discover the advantages of this non-surgical method, and take the necessary steps to protect your cardiovascular and neurological health.

Protect Your Enamel With An Unobtrusive Guard

The other form of common sleep disorder that affects your dental health is known as bruxism, which is the unconscious grinding of teeth. When this activity occurs overnight, you do not have the ability to stop yourself, and so you can cause serious wear to the chewing surface of your teeth. A slender oral appliance can help you be preventing the contact of your enamel, instead landing on a soft BPA-free acrylic.

Appliance-Based Sleep Disorder Treatment In Kansas City

Your common sleep disorder can put your health at risk, so take the time to speak with a trusted dental provider about your options. For more information on the use of oral appliances to treat these conditions, give us a call at Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO at (816)942-7669.

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