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When It Is Time To Replace Your Lost Tooth

When It Is Time To Replace Your Lost Tooth

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Have you recently lost one or more of your teeth? The difficulties of dental loss can go far beyond the frustrating effect on the appearance of your smile. Not only does an unsightly gap form, but you may also find it hard to reliably bite and chew in comfort when you eat. This is because the hole between your remaining teeth causes your jaw to shift in awkward positions to work around that area. As your jaw shifts, certain teeth may receive advanced wear and tear as they take more pressure from your bite than when properly aligned. Left unreplaced, your other teeth may even shift into the gap and further misalign your smile. Shifting members can become loose and cause additional discomfort. To protect against the harms of a missing tooth, you should take a look at prosthetic dental options. Your Kansas City, MO dentist can ease the inconvenience of your loss by providing prosthodontic solutions for replacement. You will prevent further harm to your smile while improving your satisfaction with its look all at once!

Missing Teeth Impact The Function Of Your Bite

Losing one of your teeth impacts your daily life from the moment it occurs. Whether from a physical injury, gum disease, severe decay, or any other cause, the new gap in your smile may call unwanted attention to itself throughout the day. You may lose the ability to eat certain foods that injure the open area. As your bite misaligns, you may develop stiffness and pain in your jaw as the muscles move in unnatural motions to compensate. To treat these problems and prevent further complications, explore the restorative options available to replace a missing tooth.

Dental Implants and Bridges Replace Lost Teeth

Our team can replace the gap in your smile with a dental bridge. This solution prevents teeth from shifting by securing a prosthetic replacement to crowns on remaining neighboring teeth. A bridge can return the function of your bite while mimicking the appearance of a natural tooth.

For patients who have lost multiple teeth, we suggest a bridge supported by dental implants. We can place posts into your jawbone that reestablish the function of your lost teeth’s roots. Once placed, we can attach a custom bridge onto the dental implant posts to replace your missing teeth.

Speak With Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Replacing Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can lead to severe complications when left unaddressed. To prevent gaps in your smile from impacting your oral health, explore restorative solutions to replace a missing tooth. Dental prosthetics address esthetic effects of dental loss as well. To learn more about your treatment options and how you can get started, contact Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO by calling 816-942-7669 and schedule your next restorative dental appointment with our team.

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