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What To Do During A Dental Emergency

What To Do During A Dental Emergency

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When you’re faced with a dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or even sudden unexplained pain in a tooth, then you should contact us right away. Otherwise, this situation could lead to serious complications for your oral health. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about addressing dental emergencies.

Call Us Right Away

When you or a member of your family develops unexplained pain in a tooth, or has an object caught between it that floss cannot remove, let us know right away. Likewise, don’t hesitate to call us for a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth, or one that is knocked loose or out completely. The same goes for a filling or crown that is loose or missing. If this occurs during usual office hours, then our team could schedule a same day appointment. If this happens outside of normal business hours, we can call you back to arrange for a visit soon. Now, if the situation could be life threatening, then call 911 right away or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Easing Initial Discomfort

Once you call, you can take actions to ease your discomfort and limit pain and complications. For example, rinse with warm water and use a cold compress to control facial swelling. A bit of gauze or cloth could control bleeding. For an aching tooth or one with something stuck between it and another tooth, gently floss after your rinse. If a tooth is damaged, try to recover any pieces and bring them with you. If a tooth is knocked out, then pick it up by the crown, or visible portion, and then rinse it under gently running water to remove dirt and debris. But take care not to lose any tissues! You can put it back into the socket and carefully bite down if you’re proceeding right to our office. Otherwise, place it in a sealed container of milk or salt water. If a crown or filling is compromised, then avoid very hot or cold foods and drinks, and items high in sugar, as this could cause sensitivity.

Treatment Options

Treatment options vary, but for minor damage we could bring relief with a dental bonding in only one visit. We also have dental crowns for more severe cases. If you have any questions about treating dental emergencies, then give us a call. If you play sports or martial arts, we encourage you to wear a mouthguard to prevent inadvertent damage to your smile.


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