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Protecting Your Smile With A Sport Guard

Protecting Your Smile With A Sport Guard

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When you play sports, you should take precautions to limit your risk of chipped, cracked, or even knocked-out teeth. To help safeguard your smile, we could create a custom-made mouthguard. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO, dentist talks about crafting a custom and durable sport guard.

When You Need One

A sport guard provides a greater level of protection than a store-bought boil-and-bite option you pick up from a sporting goods store. Ours will be custom-made for a better fit and an improved level of protection. We recommend them for anyone playing full contact sports or martial arts, or any other activity where there is a risk for damaged teeth or injury. This is especially true if you have fillings or crowns, as they can be compromised when your teeth sustain injury without a level of protection.

Creating a Custom One

To make one, our team will first take a series of detailed digital images of your smile from multiple angles. We also gather measurements of your smile too. We use these to create a digital impression, one that can allow us to fabricate a custom sport guard with precision and accuracy. Since this option will better conform to the unique contours of your teeth, this prevents spaces between the teeth and the guard, providing a better layer of protection. This then limits the risk of knocked out or compromised dental restorations, and helps prevent chipped or cracked teeth too.

What If a Tooth Is Injured?

Should an injury occur, don’t hesitate to give us a call, even outside of normal business hours. We will arrange a time to see you quickly and repair your tooth. You can also take steps to ease discomfort until we can see you. We recommend rinsing with warm water and using cloth or gauze to control any bleeding. An ice pack to the side of the face can control swelling too. If you can recover pieces of your tooth, please do so and bring them with you. Our team can then offer repair with dental bonding or possibly a custom-made dental crown. You then smile with confidence again!

If you have any questions about how our custom sport guards can help protect teeth from injuries, or about what to do when faced with a common dental injury, then contact our team today. We want to help your smile stay strong and beautiful!

Does Your Smile Need a Mouthguard?

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