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Handling Your Kid’s Dental Emergency

Handling Your Kid’s Dental Emergency

dental emergencyChildren are particularly prone to having dental emergencies. After all, they enjoy having fun and roughhousing and are generally exuberant — not to mention feeling invincible. This often leads to assorted dental traumas that range from minor to serious. Luckily, when they have their baby teeth, anything that happens is inherently less serious than if they have their permanent teeth. With that said, it can still be scary when something happens. In today’s blog, your Kansas City, MO dentist discusses what to do during some of the more common dental emergencies.

A Broken Tooth

If your child breaks or chips a tooth, make sure you save every piece. Once you do this, be sure they gently rinse their mouth with warm water. You should also run the broken tooth under water to remove any particles it picked up on the ground. If bleeding occurs, apply gauze to the area until the blood flow stops. If the area continues to hurt and starts to swell, hold a cold compress to the outside of your child’s face where there is discomfort. Take over-the-counter pain relievers if your child is old enough to take them. Finally, schedule an appointment to visit your dentist as quickly as possible. If we are closed for the day, please leave a message, and we will get your appointment scheduled as soon as possible. If you can find them, please bring in any tooth fragments you have. 

Persistent Tooth Pain

Having a toothache can ruin anyone’s day — especially a child’s. If they are experiencing pain, the first step is to have them rinse their mouth out with warm water. Inspect it to see if any food particles are lodged between their teeth. If you find anything, gently have them use dental floss to remove it. If you notice swelling, use a cold compress to help it decrease. If these steps don’t help, be sure to call us, and we will fit them in as quickly as we can. 

A Knocked-Out Tooth

Your child knocking their tooth out is probably the scariest dental emergency you can witness. If this occurs, be sure to breathe deeply and remain calm. Your anxiety can also stress them out, making it more difficult. If this does occur, you will need to try and find the tooth. Hold it by the crown and rinse off its root with water if you do. Take care not to scrub it or remove any attached tissue fragments. If possible, attempt to put the tooth back in their mouth, but do not force it and be as gentle as possible. If you can’t seem to do it, hold it in their mouth on the way to the dentist. If you cannot come in right away, place it in a small milk container or a product like Save-a-Tooth. 

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