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How Crowns Support Vulnerable Teeth

How Crowns Support Vulnerable Teeth

There are times when teeth need to be restored due to dental decay or physical trauma, and in some of those times, a filling can provide too little support. In these situations, you will need a dental crown. With this type of restoration, we can cover your tooth and provide renewed bite support while keeping it safe from infection or damage. We can also take care to place a restoration that actually imitates the look of your healthy tooth, which means this procedure will not hurt your appearance. At our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office, we use advanced technology to produce crowns on-site that we can place in one appointment.

Protecting Teeth When They Experience Problems

When your teeth have problems that call for restorative dental work, they need permanent protection. Our tooth enamel is a strong material, but once it is damaged, the substance will not heal on its own. To address an issue that is serious enough to require your dentist’s help, you will need a restoration. With a dental filling or dental crown, we can take care of a tooth by covering damage and providing structural support. Crowns provide important support when fillings are not strong enough to help. While other practices often require two appointments to place one, we can have yours ready in just one appointment!

Our Office Can Provide Convenient, Same-Day Crowns

Our practice uses CEREC technology to provide same-day crowns. Because of this, we can solve serious oral health problems in less time while still taking great care of your tooth and smile. Dr. Tabakh will capture digital images of your tooth to use in the creation of a model for your restoration. Once that model is made, we can use our in-office milling machine to produce your restoration. After its placement, you can feel relieved to see how it preserves your smile! You can also be happy to know that it will hold up against pressure whenever you bite and chew food.

Restoring Teeth That Only Require Cosmetic Work

While dental injuries can be serious, we may be able to fix minor chips and cracks through cosmetic treatment. The advantage to this is that cosmetic dental services can deliver results while only making conservative changes. After evaluating you, Dr. Tabakh can let you know if you are eligible for tooth bonding treatment, or for the placement of a custom porcelain veneer.

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Through the restoration of vulnerable teeth with custom crowns, we provide bite support as well as better stability for your bite function. If you have questions about our different services, please call Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO, at 816-942-7669.

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