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Reviewing Solutions For Dental Damage

Reviewing Solutions For Dental Damage

Dental damage can become an immediate concern after a physical injury, or it can accumulate over time due to years of wear and tear. In either scenario, it can be hard to confidently show off your smile when you know that your enamel has been negatively altered. At our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office, we can provide different solutions for dental damage. We can discuss cosmetic dental work for minor wear and tear. We can also discuss your options for restorative treatment when the harm to your tooth structure hurts your oral health and bite function.

Even Minor Tooth Damage Can Seriously Hurt Your Smile

It only takes a minor change to your tooth structure to hurt your appearance in a way that is difficult to hide. Whether you have wear and tear from years of friction or damage from an injury, you can feel embarrassed by the appearance of a misshapen tooth. Fortunately, you can talk to Dr. Tabakh about different solutions that will help you take care of these flaws. We can discuss different options to make sure that you have the right support. Cosmetic dentistry provides options for conservative treatment. When you have more serious issues that affect your oral health, we can restore your tooth with a custom dental crown.

Learn About Your Options For Cosmetic Dentistry

We provide different cosmetic services to patients who want to reshape and restore damaged teeth. We can provide porcelain veneers for treatment to hide chips and cracks, and to change a tooth’s shape. These restorations only need to cover the front surfaces of teeth to make the appropriate changes. We also offer tooth bonding and contouring work to make changes to smiles. These services enable us to change the shape, size, and color of any teeth that look out of place without the need to place a permanent restoration.

Treatment With A One-Visit Dental Crown

If you need protection for a vulnerable, damaged tooth, we can provide it in as little as one visit thanks to our same-day crowns. These restorations are produced in our office, and can provide protection so that an unhealthy broken tooth can absorb bite pressure and maintain its appearance.

Talk To Your Kansas City, MO Dentist About Restoring Dental Damage

Are you embarrassed by your smile because you have visible dental damage? Through the right cosmetic or restorative treatment, we can put this issue behind you and renew your confidence in the way you look! Our Kansas City, MO dentist’s office provides several treatment options for our patients, which means we can make sure your treatment suits your needs and concerns. To find out more about our services that restore damaged teeth, call Delightful Dental Care at 816-942-7669.

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