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We Use Digital Technology To Create Custom, Lifelike Crowns

We Use Digital Technology To Create Custom, Lifelike Crowns

How long will it take to have a problem with tooth decay fully restored? Dental practices often have to ask patients to wait for a dental crown created by a third party lab. This delay can be a frustrating one, as it means spending more time without the smile support you require. At our Kansas City, MO dental practice, we rely on digital technology to craft quality restorations at our office. We can closely measure your tooth, design a crown with the right look, shape, and size, and produce it on site. A dental crown produced with CEREC technology can allow us to complete your oral health work in just one appointment!

Digital Technology Can Make Restorative Dental Work More Convenient

Digital technology allows our practice to take all of the measurements we need to be sure your crown will fit comfortably once placed on your tooth. The details we gather are then used to digitally craft a restoration. In addition to considering what shape and size is appropriate, Dr. Tabakh can also make sure the color of the ceramic material matches neighboring teeth. Once the design process is finished, we have an on-site milling machine we use to produce the restoration for you.

What Should You Expect From Your Dental Crown?

The placement of a dental crown is necessary when a tooth needs more protection than a dental filling can provide. As with any restorative dental procedure, work is not complete unless your tooth is effectively protected against harm. The support from your crown should allow you to continue biting and chewing without discomfort, too. Once placed, your crown should feel stable and comfortable between neighboring teeth. It it is visible when you smile, others should have a difficult time recognizing it as something other than a natural tooth. While the ceramic material we use is popular because of its appearance, you can be happy to know that it is still strong enough to keep its appearance for many years!

Our Goal Is To Help You Maintain Your Best Smile

What kind of dental work do you need to fully regain your oral health? When you come to our practice, our family dental team will see to it that all of your smile concerns are being addressed. We also offer ongoing routine checkups and cleanings that can help you stay free of oral health troubles.

Talk To Delightful Dental Care About Receiving A Custom, Lifelike Dental Crown

At Delightful Dental Care, patients can have restorative dental work completed in less time! We can offer faster results thanks to the digital technology we use to develop a restoration, and the milling machine we can use to produce lifelike crowns at our practice. For more information, please call Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO at 816-942-7669.

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