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Can A Cavity Result In Permanent Changes To Your Smile?

Can A Cavity Result In Permanent Changes To Your Smile?

While it is true that a cavity can permanently damage your tooth, modern restorative dental work can effectively protect your smile. Our Kansas City, MO dental practice uses restorations that provide protection for a tooth, while also matching your appearance. Because of this, you can show off a smile that appears totally unchanged after your treatment is done! As exciting as this may be, it is worth noting that you still need to exercise real concern about cavities. That damage to your tooth structure is irreversible, and decay that is not caught in time can lead to painful problems!

Tooth Decay Can Do Irreversible Damage To Your Tooth Structure

While the right restoration can hide damage to your tooth structure, and keep the remaining tooth in good condition, there is simply not a way to grow back the material lost to decay. If you want to keep your teeth in the best shape possible, practice smart preventive dental care in order to avoid problems with cavities. Our practice can help you manage your oral health at every routine dental exam, and we can counsel you on smart strategies for keeping your teeth healthy at home.

What To Expect From A Modern Restoration

Modern dental fillings and dental crowns effectively protect teeth. The support you can count on allows you to bite and chew without fears that you might harm the tooth, and create new issues for your oral health. In addition to having functional value, these restorations closely mimic your natural tooth structure. That means when you smile, a prominent filling or crown will not interfere with the way you look!

Dealing With The Effects Of An Advanced Cavity

If too much time passes, your tooth can experience significant harm from growing decay. Because we offer one-visit dental crowns, we can offer a more convenient treatment for advanced tooth decay that requires more than a dental filling. Unlike other practices, which can only supply patients with crowns made in third party labs, we have everything we need at our location to create a crown that looks right for your smile, and fits perfectly over your tooth.

Delightful Dental Care Can Help You Protect Your Smile And Oral Health!

A cavity is a serious problem, one that should concern you. Fortunately, if decay does affect one of your teeth, you can turn to Delightful Dental Care for support! Our practice uses modern restorations to address decay, and protect vulnerable teeth. We can also provide you with ongoing preventive care, which can help you prevent future cavities. If you have questions about our restorative services, our routine care, or our cosmetic procedures, please let us know! Delightful Dental Care in Kansas City, MO can be reached at 816-942-7669. We hope to hear from you soon!

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