We Can Provide Patients With Same-Day Crowns!

Dental crowns are used to help people in many different circumstances. These restorations are often used in the treatment of cavities, in cases where a cavity is too large to make the tooth fixable with a dental filling. Crowns are also effective when you have problems with dental injuries, or a tooth that is naturally […]

Sleep Apnea Appliance – Snore Guard

Sleep apnea is a common health condition characterized by excessive, loud snoring as well as the cessation of breathing while asleep. For many people, it limits their ability to sleep peacefully and consistently throughout the night. A lack of adequate sleep impairs a person’s ability to function, which can have a severe impact on their […]

Can a Custom Night Guard Stop Grinding?

Do you grind your teeth in your sleep? You may not even realize it. Believe it or not, it’s a fairly common problem that affects a lot of people. Tooth grinding is also known as bruxism and most often happens when people sleep and most people have no recollection of doing it. Often times, the […]

Welcome to Delightful Dental Care (and our First BLOG!!)

Delightful Dental Care is excited to share dental education and information with our community of wonderful patients and friends. We’ll publish articles that discuss topics within dentistry and oral health that are important to our patients each month. We’ll include everything from preventative dentistry to cosmetic dentistry! It is important to us that we provide […]